The best cell phone tracker on the market and all for free

GPS location tracking

Get exact GPS location of your target and even a route history that is displayed on a map.

SMS Text Tracking

View all text messages sent/received by target phone.

Web History Tracking

View complete search history of target phone. Find out exactly what they are viewing on their phone.

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Features of the free cell phone tracker

SMS Tracking

Get remote access to all sent and received text messages of target phone. View all messages at anytime directly from your computer, tablet or phone.

Track Call History

Get access to call history of target phone. View contact name, time and date of call and even get the option to record calls to listen to when you choose.

Contacts Access

Get complete access to all phone book contacts of the target phone. Also get the option to block contacts of your choice.

GPS Location Tracking

Get exact gps location of target phone, as well as complete route history on a map.

E-mail Tracking

Get access to target phones e-mails and account. View all send and received emails with ease from your computer, tablet or phone.

Web History Tracking

View complete history of their phones web browser and bookmarked sites.

Photo and Video Access

View all photos and videos of target phone. Option to download files to your device.

Website Blocking

Prevent your target from accessing websites of your choice.

Facebook Tracking

Get access to and view target phones facebook messages and activity.

Skype Monitoring

Monitor target phones skype whenever you choose. View live video chats and chat history.

Snapchat Monitoring

Monitor all snapchat activity and chat history.