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TeenSafe Reviews – Scam or Legit Cell Phone Tracker?

What is TeenSafe?

TeenSafe is a cell phone tracker program/app that allows you to monitor your child’s phone. This program will track the phone’s texts, calls, social media interactions, phone location and more. TeenSafe has been used by over 500,000 parents in order to keep their teens safe, but reviews from parents show that TeenSafe has horrible customer support, rarely updates and does not offer any refunds or assistance with billing.

How does it work?

TeenSafe is claimed to work with all iPhone and Android cell phone devices. The company even goes as far to claim they are #1 cell tracker for teens. Although this once may have been true, there are now better alternatives that provide 24/7 customer support, more features and easier installation and access to view your teens activity.

Once you pay and sign up for TeenSafe, you will get access to a control panel where you can view data of the tracked cell phones, such as:

  • Sent, received and deleted SMS text messages
  • Incoming and outgoing call logs, including name, number, date and call time.
  • Monitor facebook and instagram activity
  • Web seach and browsing history
  • Phones current location

Although you can view all text messages, you cannot view sent or received videos or images in text messages, which could be a huge factor in keeping your children safe. View our recommended teen tracking program to be able to view all cell phone media and many more features that TeenSafe doesn’t offer.


Is it legit or a scam?

Through research of user reviews, we have determined that TeenSafe is not a scam, but I would not go as far to say it’s legit either. Hundreds of negative reviews show that the program lacks in customer support and many features that are now included with alternatives that come at the same price.

TeenSafe has been around since 2011 and has not added important new features that phones offer today. Many teens use new apps to chat such as Skype, Whatsapp, facebook messenger and more, so you want to use a cell phone tracker app that includes tracking of these newer apps.

Best alternative to TeenSafe

We highly recommend you look into our alternative before signing up with TeenSafe. This cell tracker app has many features that TeenSafe does not, gives you an easy to use control panel you can use from any phone, computer or tablet device and easy 3 step installation. Not only that, but they offer 24/7 support via their website chat, phone or email. This app is 100% discreet and makes it extremely easy as a parent to track everything from their teens cell phone.

As a parent, you want a reliable cell phone tracker for your teens phone because this kind of information can be vital to keeping your family safe. If using an outdated app with bad customer support, you can’t be sure the information you are tracking is even current. Having real time tracking is a must and our recommended cell tracker offers this.

Click here to check out our recommended family cell tracker

Parent Reviews of TeenSafe

The parent reviews on TeenSafe are mostly horrible, claiming they offer features that are not yet released, horrible customer support, no refunds and have even been said to trick users into paying with their user agreement.

Sherri Estes says “Does not work like they claim I received an email with a video claiming teen safe could do alot of great things. One being able to lock the phone. I signed up and now being told that feature is coming but no eta. Plus it does not show all the apps my daughter has on her phone. I can’t lock what I do not see! I know for sure the play store app is on her phone but that does not show up along with other apps. This is one more thing I paid for that does not work. I will cancel at the end of the month.”

Cutie Pie CupCake says “They offer a 7 day free trial – but when you signup they ask for a billing information. The next thing you know you get charge. THE TRIAL IS FAKE – BEWARE. Quality is bad, Customer service is extremely bad, you pretty much get rob, then they will claim that you agree to pay for the service, because you enter your billing information.”

Eli Hughes Says “Almost like malware!! Tried to contact company. Contact form errored out. Did the trial but it didn’t impress so went to uninstall with correct password but it keeps saying password incorrect even after I reset it. App says I need to deactivate before uninstall incorrect but the deactivate button does nothing.”

Dakota Routh Says “DO NOT DOWNLOAD! If I could give this a zero I would. This app is a joke. What they don’t tell you is that in order to monitor your child’s activity you must have the same type of phone as them. The “customer service rep” (hardly the right term for her) stated it states the in the fine print of the terms and service agreement. They would not refund my money even though I had only signed up 2 days ago. DO NOT DOWNLOAD! “

Rachel Thomas Says “Ugh!!! Installed the app on my phone, input my email and teens number. Now the app is doing nothing. It won’t let me deactivate and or uninstall on my device. I never got an email, a account password or the information sent to my teen’s phone.”

You can find more reviews here

Keeping your children and family safe

If you want to track your teens phone, you need to use a reliable tracker that is constantly updates, shows interactions in real time, 24/7 support and features that new phones offer. Unfortunately, TeenSafe does not meet these standards and If you install it on your child’s phone, they will most likely find it and lose trust in you or use it against you. Our recommended teen cell tracker has all the necessary features above and your child will not find it on their phone. This app can also be used to find your child’s or your own phone if you lose it. Check out the link below of our recommended tracker and view the live demo to see exactly what you get.

Check out our recommended teen cell tracker here


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