Family GPS tracker for Android

free family android phone trackerIf you’ve ever lost your phone, you can know how frustrating it can be to try and have it recovered. There are a few methods to finding a lost android, and some work better than others. When it comes to ultra-reliability, GPS is the only way to go. GPS settings are the most reliable because the signal is usually the easiest to find when none others are available. Those settings are also usually buried within many menus so they are not often accessed by users who are not power-users.

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How it works

These settings are critical and can be set to never be turned off, giving you the ability to track your phone when it is stolen even if they have disabled the cell phone service and turned your WiFi off. It should be noted that if you have rooted your android, you can take even more precautions in your phone than the average user.


Android GPS Tracker

Through taking a few extra steps to learn how to take extra control of your phone, you and make it easier to retrieve it later. There are a few other options available if you aren’t as tech savvy or don’t want to risk breaking your phone. One of these options is tracking your phone through one of he apps available through Google, however these settings can be unreliable at times. If you want the maximum amount of security in retrieving your phone, our Android GPS tracker is the way to go.


Keep your family safe

Another aspect to considering using a GPS tracker app is the safety of your family. If you have a loved one or children that have androids, having a GPS tracker can vastly improve your knowledge of your child’s whereabouts. Having up to the minute information of your children’s location can be vital. Whether you need to know if they made it home from school, or if they’re really at the mall. Those phones that they are seemingly glued to can be used to keep tabs on them, for their sake. If you want the best possible tracking program to know their location at a moment’s notice, check out this GPS tracker today.