How to locate your lost iPhone

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If you’ve ever happen to lose you phone, you know how much of a hassle it can be to retrieve it. Fortunately there are a few ways that a lost phone can be recovered. Some methods work better than others, but the bet types ar the apps that can be downloaded onto a phone BEFORE you lose it. Prevention is always your best friend when it comes to situations like this. The apps that can be installed before hand have the best chances of tracking your phone in real time. This can be crucial if you have precious or personal information that is stored on your cell phone. Having the ability to track your iPhone as soon as it’s missing is absolutely necessary.

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Multiple methods of retrieval

The first method that is popularly used is the options that Apple gives you to track your phone down. Although it is proficient at finding you phone, it does have it’s drawbacks. It is not able to track your position if the cell phone service has been deactivated or the phone is turned off. This can be especially frustrating for people who had their phone stolen. When an app pre-installed is used, it will have the permissions necessary o track the phone even if the service has been turned off, thanks to GPS tracker and WiFi network connections. You will be able to track your phone down in no time, even if the thief disabled your sim card.

The second method is much better because you can download the app onto another person’s phone to track your phone down. These options are not available through the traditional Apple iphone services that are provided. Be sure to download and utilize our program before it becomes too late. You’re not going to want to wish you had.

It must be noted that you ill not be able to track your phone down if it has been put into airplane mode or has been completely turned off. There is no workaround for this due to the simple fact that if your iPhone is not making any connections with any available systems it is untraceable. However, one the phone has been turned on, it becomes a beacon. The most important factor to remember is that the app should be preinstalled before if is stolen, otherwise it will become much harder to find.

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