How to Spy on Text Messages – 100% Free

28 Jan No Comments admin blog

text message tracker appThere are many reasons why someone might want to spy on someone else’s text messages, such as making sure your children are safe, finding out if you are being cheated on, seeing if someone is lying, keeping someone from texting someone dangerous and more. For whatever reason you need a text message tracking tool, you have come to the right place. At you will find the best solution to spying on another phones text messages, but not only will you get the text message tracking feature, but also many other amazing functions for spying on other phones.

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Features of the cell tracker:

GPS location tracking

Text message tracking

Spy on email

Call history tracking

Access to their instagram, facebook, snapchat and other social apps

So how does the Text message spy tool work?

It is VERY simple! All you have to do is sign up for the free trial on our download page, install the program and you get instant access to spy on everything in your targets phone, from text messages, calls, their location and more. You will be able to access and spy on their phone from your computer or your own phone. Simply login to your account and select what feature you would like to use. The text message tracker is laid out very nice and shows you exactly when the text message was sent and received, the name of the sender and exactly what was said in  the text messages. You will get access to all text messages within their phone and can even watch the phone send and receive new text messages live from your computer or phone.

Reasons to use a text message spy tool

Find out if your kids are doing drugs or getting into trouble

As a parent there is no real way to figure out if your child is getting into any kind of trouble or if they are lying about what they are doing. With the free cell phone tracking tool, that all becomes possible. Simply use the tracker on their cell phone and you will have full access to see everything going on in their phone and they wont even know you are spying on their phone. Most kids end up trying things they never would have because they want to fit in at school or hang out with a certain crowd. Now you can know exactly what your child is up to at anytime from your computer. See their exact location, view all their text messages and more. Below is an image of the text message spy tool layout and you will see this parent used it on their child’s phone and found out they were smoking marijuana.

text message spy tool free

The image above lays out the text messages of the phone you are spying on in a very easy to view layout and displays whether its sent or received, Name or Number of the phone messages are sent and received from(we blocked out names on the image for privacy), the entire text message itself and exactly what time these texts were sent and received.

So you can see, it is VERY simple to see exactly what your child is up to by using the free cell phone tracker. Get the peace of mind you deserve as a parent and keep your child from making decisions that could ruin their life.

Find out if you are being cheated on

Very similar to the situation above, you can use the cell tracker to spy on text messages of your significant other and see who they are talking to and could EASILY find out if you are being cheated on. People hire spouse detectives that cost thousands and go through months of not knowing they are even being cheated on before normally finding out. If you are suspicious of being cheated on, then it is best to find out and by using the text message spy tool, you will find out instantly instead of beating around the bush for months on end.