Is there a spy app on my phone? How to know?

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cell phone spyware on your phoneSpy ware is not a major concern when it comes to cell phones. However you should know that spy ware can be downloaded, even from the Google Play! These apps look like ordinary apps when they’re in the store, but they can actually contain malicious software that can have your phone at it’s whim. These apps can do a number of different tasks while installed on your phone. Apps have been known to record audio or video, take pictures, or install other apps that can charge you money. It’s important to watch for apps that have the capabilities of doing this on your phone. There are a few ways that these apps can get installed onto your phone.

A common occurrence online is having to deal with pop up ads. The primary issue with pop up ads on android devices is the common picture that states you must UPDATE your PHONE for SPEED, or seeing an ad stating that “flash must be updated to view” warning signs. If you accidentally poke one of these ads you will be led to Google play to download a random app or game. These are the perfect fronts for spy ware to be installed on your phone right under your nose.

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You need to access what?

Another warning sign that must be paid attention to is the permissions that an app will ask for. If you download a game that requires the function of your camera, but there’s no feature in the app that takes your picture or even lets you use your gallery, you should promptly remove this app. These apps are easily confused as useful by someone who isn’t as keen on their phones.

Not only do these apps jeopardize your privacy, they drain your battery. These apps will sap your phone’s resources, causing your phone to slow down. Those buttery smooth animations you love on your new Galaxy phone will slowly decrease until they start looking choppy. Simple knowledge can prevent serious unwanted experiences. Keep these in mind when you start to notice that your phone isn’t as fast as it was the day you bought it. Getting rid of apps that overreach their permissions is essential in having a phone that operates at peak performance.

NOTICE: Children are VERY prone to downloading unwanted apps/spy ware, even if you’re child is aware of the dangers. It is advised to check your apps list every week to see what they’ve downloaded or tried.

Beware of installing apps that have a poor rating, this is a sign that other people have had issues before you!
Keep these tips in mind and take notice of the apps that you’re installing as you play with your phone. Be sure that the children in your life know the dangers of downloading these apps! Stay safe!