Is there a spy app on my phone?

9 Aug No Comments admin blog

Not knowing if there is spyware on your phone can be pretty nerve-wrecking. If you’re not keen to the subtle changes that will happen during your normal use of the phone you probably wouldn’t be able to noticed if something got installed and was sapping your resources. I’m going to cover the symptoms to look for when it comes to noticing if there’s spyware on your phone.

The first problem to watch out for is: User Interface

android lag spyware fixIf you notice that menus are taking slightly longer to commence, or the animation isn’t as fluid anymore, it could be an indication that there’s an app sapping available resources. Every phone has certain limitations in what it can handle for interface and app processing. When one app uses resources to continually check for updates or notifications, it will limit the available power for other apps to run. The spy ware apps can be hard to notice if you don’t know which apps are running at any given time. An app running in the background will be harder to notice by beginners because it will not be seen by traditional methods of closure. When you start to notice some lag, check to see where your resources are being used.


The second issue to look for is: Battery Life

phone spyware battery lifeWhen your phone is spending all of it’s resources checking for notifications or running background processes, it can result in a battery that drains much faster than normal. The reason being is when these apps are given permission to run in the background, they will usually also ask for permission to wake the phone, even when the screen is off. It’s like your phone is being used without you even touching it. This results in a sapped battery. These are known as Wake Locks, the more your phone has to do, the more battery will be wasted.

Check those permissions!

Another issue to consider is having apps that ask for permissions that aren’t featured in the apps themselves. For example, if an app is requesting the ability to access your pictures and camera, but have no features within the app to use this hardware, is a surefire way to determine if an app is malicious. These apps can then record video, audio, or even take pictures and you would be completely unaware of it. Not only is your hardware at risk when there is spyware installed on your phone, but your privacy and personal information is too!

Remember to keep an eye out for these warning signs.

When you can notice the trail that spyware leaves behind, you can take the proper steps needed to protect yourself from an invasion of privacy. Not only are you protecting yourself and loved ones, but you are retaining the true performance of your phone by not have process-intensive apps using precious resources.

Keep your phone working it’s absolute best!