Where is my iPhone? Locate it now.

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Locate your lost iPhone now

Losing your iPhone is a painful experience to say the least. With stores of personal information, pictures, schedules, and maybe even financial access, misplacing your iPhone could mean misplacing your life. Luckily, there are a few ways to recover your lost iPhone, both ways have their benefits and drawbacks.

The first method is: iCloud.

Apple’s answer to your lost phone is in it’s Maps program. Because this method is the default, you might assume that it works with the best results. However, this is not always the case, the main reason being is when cellular data has been disconnected, you have no other methods of tracking it. iCloud only uses cellular networks to determine your location, but once a sim card has been removed, the primary source for location is removed with it. This is why it is a better option to go with an individual app.

The second method is: Free iPhone Tracker

where is my iphone 6 locate nowThis free iPhone tracker is the best program to use for finding your iPhone simply because it is an app that is preinstalled on your phone before you lose it. When you download an individual app to handle your tracking needs, you give the app permission to use all forms of networks to trace your phone. Not only is Cell data used, but WiFi and GPS are used as well. These extra networks don’t run on your cellular data, so when your sim card is eventually removed, the phone can be tracked down with those other systems. This is the most efficient way to track your iPhone down.

The advantages to using a tracker that’s installed on your phone greatly out-weigh the standard methods used for tracing your iPhone. Each individual tracking method will not be used until you need it, so there’s no worry of monitoring from anyone at anytime, unless you permit it. These trackers can also be used for the iPod Touch, because it also uses GPS and WiFi. This could be of use to adults who have children with these devices, as it is a way to keep your child safe from harm.
Keep the benefits in mind when you’re using an iPhone tracker, you don’t want to regret it.